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"Dr. Tom provided strategy, guidance and clarity..."

"As a Military member taking the ME PE, I didn't have any other ME PE's around that could offer me specific advice on how to study or what to study for the ME PE. If you are an ME looking for a PE review course, look no farther. Initially I didn't think I needed a review course, after all I passed the FE without studying at all and have 2 Masters in Engineering. On my first attempt at the PE exam I gathered all the recommended materials I could find, established a system and devoted 260 hours to studying. I failed. Too much of my self directed study time was spent studying high challenge low probability material or material that wouldn't even be on my depth portion or the exam at all. Dr. Tom provided strategy, guidance and clarity on what to expect on the exam as well as well organized high quality review material and videos. I re-doubled my efforts and after another 415 hours of studying I retook the exam and breezed through it. My advice, if you are going to devote that much of your time to studying, spend the money for the review course. If I could go back in time I would spend 10 times the cost of the review course to take it from the start. I have no doubt I would have passed the exam the first time if I had taken Dr. Tom's review course. Don't spend 400 hours kicking yourself for trying to save a few dollars, just take the course. After all, how much is your time worth to you?"

Brad Townsend, P.E., MAJ USA