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"...Dr. Tom’s review course was the key to my success."

"Being nearly 20 years out of college, I was VERY intimidated to attempt the PE exam. I can say with absolute certainty that Dr. Tom’s review course was the key to my success. The organized approach (study schedule, practice problem selection, and reference binder structure) allowed me to focus on learning the content for the exam instead of wasting time trying to figure those out on my own and just studying the MERM. I was doubtful that I could get back up to speed on so many of the subjects that I spent years studying in college, but it worked! I initially was planning to attend a live class offered by another company. However, sitting through 4 days in a row of 8 hour classes (for three weekends) did NOT appeal to me or fit my learning style. Tackling it at MY pace and on MY schedule (weekday lunch and evenings, weekends), focusing on solving examples, and shoring up trouble areas before progressing to new lessons was the only way I could effectively learn the material. Doing, not merely watching is the key for me. Having the same teacher across all subjects was also a plus, as was the fact that Dr. Tom's classes are less expensive.
Dr. Tom's Fast Track Review has an aggressive schedule. However, I worked hard (30-40 hours a week) to "knock off the rust" my skills had collected over the years and get caught up. The classes reminded me of college lectures, except focusing on the applications instead of developing equations. Let's just say I was even knocking the rust off of my ALGEBRA skills when I began the course and still covered enough ground to not only pass but score a "B" on the exam.
I would recommend Dr. Tom’s Reviews, but due to time demands of the Fast Track Review, for those juggling work and family responsibilities, the 20-Week Review may prove a better fit. But I can't argue with the results!"

Brent V., PE, Houston, Texas