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"Dr. Tom, thank you for your course and the passion that you display while teaching it."

"I passed the April 2015 exam, after failing the exam for the first time in October 2014, 7 years after graduating from NC State. Both times I took the HVAC and Refrigeration exam, as that is the field in which I am working. The first time I took the exam I studied on my own, primarily going through the MERM mostly and not working enough problems. The second time, I followed Dr. Tom's 20-Week online only study plan as closely as I could with some modification due to my schedule. The structure that his lessons and accompanying problems provided was very helpful in refreshing my understanding of the concepts in each topic presented. There were even a few of his example problems in the April exam, so those problems were much easier to navigate.

I did start out a little late with the review course, and I had to catch up, but I was able to stay on target week after week after that. On the exam, I found that I didn't use the DTEC as much as the PRNs, however both were useful. All in all, having the information organized was a great help!

I told my uncle who is an ME NC State grad about the review course I was taking and mentioned Dr. Tom. He said that Dr. Tom taught him Statics during his time at school in the mid to late 1980's, and that I should do very well, given his insistence about always using units to help solve problems. I found that Dr. Tom's explanation and break down of the conversions was also helpful in learning how to work through the problems.

Overall, going into the April exam I felt very much more prepared than the first time taking it in October. In fact, the April exam seemed "easier," which I can accredit to using Dr. Tom's review course. Dr. Tom, thank you for your course and the passion that you display while teaching it."

Ryan Crawford, PE, Mebane, NC

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