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"I finally passed the PE exam!"

"I finally passed the PE exam! I give credit to Dr. Tom and his course. His assistance and being patient with my questions helped guide me in my study and achieving this goal. I was hesitant to take the Thermal/Fluids exam because I didn't have the background in Thermo. Then I found Dr. Tom's course and his exam analysis to take the Thermal/Fluids exam convinced me. So I took the leap of faith and it was the right choice. I lacked organization. We all know the vast material to cover, but I needed someone to help me focus on the major exam topics. Dr. Tom did a great job in addressing the key topics. Comparing other PE Exam preparation courses I have taken, Dr. Tom's course was very organized and concise and focused. Dr. Tom was very committed, and I think he enjoyed it and liked helping us achieve this goal. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tom's 20-Week Review."

South Carolina PE