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*** CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF THE FIRST EVER COURSE GIVEAWAY AT Dr. Tom's Classroom! On April 1, we gave away two FREE PE Exam Review Courses (one Civil and one Mechanical) and two HALF-PRICE PE Exam Review Courses (one Civil and one Mechanical).

SIGN UP IN NOW! - 20-WEEK Review for October 2017 Exam - Civil & Mechanical

Dr Tom recommends his 20-WEEK Reviews as the best preparation for the PE Exam. Registration is open for Civil and Mechanical, and you can get started on your review right away. So what are you waiting for? Start your review in April, and by this time next year you could be a PE!

SIGN UP IN NOW! - EXTENDED Review for April 2018 Exam - Civil & Mechanical

If you're thinking ahead, Dr. Tom's EXTENDED Reviews for the April 2018 PE Exam Civil and Mechanical is open for registration. These courses give you up to a full year to review for the PE Exam.

SIGN UP IN JULY! - FAST TRACK Reviews for October 2017 Exam - Civil & Mechanical

Registration will open on July 1 for Dr. Tom’s FAST TRACK Reviews for the October 2017 Civil and Mechanical PE Exams.

Dr. Tom's review participants have an overall pass rate of 80%. If you follow Dr. Tom's plan and put in the work that Dr. Tom outlines for you, you could be a PE too!

"The structure and support that I received from Dr. Tom's Classroom was paramount to my success during the exam. The exam strategies provided by Dr. Tom coupled with his Exam Day Companion kept me focused during the exam, allowing me to scoop up as much "low hanging fruit" as I could on my way to passing. I truly appreciate the efforts put forth by Dr. Tom and all others that make this review possible."

-Chris, PE, Toms River, New Jersey


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  • Dr. Tom has been helping engineers for years.
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  • New Specs and ME Exam Format in April 2017!
    Dr. Tom explains the changes and gives his recommendations.
  • Looking for the best preparation and resources?
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  • $950

    Dr. Tom’s 20-Week Review is the best way to prepare for the exam.

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    Dr. Tom’s Extended Review gives you up to one year to prepare.

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    Dr. Tom’s Fast Track Review gets you up to speed in 10 weeks.

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    • DTC Blog Has Moved! 2016-08-01 09:38:00

      The DTC Blog Has Moved! Hello Everyone! I have enjoyed blogging on my Mechanical Engineering website for a couple years. Now, with the addition of Civil Engineering to the offerings available from Dr. Tom's Classrooms, I wanted to expand my reach. So I'm starting a new blog on Blogger. So please go there to continue following the DTC blog. I'll also be inviting the DTC instructors to contribute to the blog as well. They are pretty smart and interesting bunch, stay tuned!...

    • Google Uses AI to Cut Energy Use and Save Millions 2016-07-25 12:29:00

      Google Uses AI to Cut Energy Use and Save Millions They say, "you can't think about everything." Well, an initiative at Google plans eventually to do just that. According to an article I found through the ASHRAE newsletter, using an Artificial Intelligence program called DeepMind it acquired in 2014 for $600 million dollars, Google has already reduced the amount of electricity used for cooling at one of its big data centers by 40%, resulting in an overall power saving of 15%. With the amount...

    • Introducing DTC's NEW Civil PE Exam Review! 2016-07-15 15:13:00

      Introducing DTC's NEW Civil PE Exam Review! I am delighted to be introducing the brand new Dr. Tom's Classroom Civil Engineering PE Exam Review. With the success of my Mechanical Engineering PE Exam Review, I have received numerous requests to provide an exam review for Civil Engineers as well. It's something I have always hoped to do, and from my experience providing PE exam prep instruction on mechanical topics to civil engineers, I knew that the methods I developed for my online mechanical review...

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show “The more I've worked with mechanical engineers, the more I want to help them obtain their PE. That really is what I enjoy doing. When folks who have been in the Dr. Tom PE Review Course take the exam and tell me, “Dr. Tom, I passed,” I nearly jump up and down. It's so very, very rewarding!”  Dr. Tom

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