What Makes Dr. Tom’s Classroom Different?



Dr. Tom’s Classroom was born from the vision of Dr. Tom Brown, PE, a master teacher, who had a passion for helping people pass the Mechanical PE Exams, and a he had a vision for how he could do that for more people via an online classroom. That vision and his passion have attracted other like-minded professionals and instructors to become part of the DTC team and led us to expand into reviews for the Civil Engineering Exams.

“Students can always spot a teacher who cares about their success, and it’s apparent with Dr. Tom. It’s obvious that Dr. Tom has many years of teaching experience, and his lessons are well planned and communicated.”

– Michael Kruse, PE, Florida


Every member of the DTC team has a stake in the success of every participant in our courses. If you’re successful, we’re successful. And we know how life changing getting your PE license can be, so we work hard every day to make sure we’re offering the best review course possible.

“Dr. Tom’s class was not only very critical in my passing of the exam, but it was exactly what I was looking for in a review course. It laid out the important subjects and gave me a guide to be successful. I was very pleased with all the materials Dr. Tom’s class gave to aid in my success – study guides, weekly schedules, practice problems, video lessons, and a question/answer forum.”

– Britt, PE, Alexandria, VA


Our plan for your success is based on what we call the Dr. Tom Method. We call it that because Dr. Tom came up with it, but over the years we have all worked together to fine tune and develop this method into a highly structured review that step by step helps you develop the skills and resources you need to pass the PE exam. We’ve taken the guesswork out of what to study and what not to study. Just follow the plan and concentrate on learning what you need to know.

“The organized approach (study schedule, practice problem selection, and reference binder structure) allowed me to focus on learning the content for the exam instead of wasting time trying to figure those what to study on my own”

-Brent V., PE, Houston, Texas


Preparing for the PE Exam is a daunting task and one that no one wants to do alone. We can’t be there with you every minute of the day, but we can be there when you need us. And we pride ourselves on our responsive, friendly and helpful support. Whether you need tech support or instructors available to answer your questions, we are with you every step of the way.

“I was happy to find people who cared about me and my success on the exam. The structure and support that I received from Dr. Tom’s Classroom was paramount to my success during the exam. I truly appreciate the efforts put forth by Dr. Tom and all others that make this review possible.

– Chris, PE, Toms River, New Jersey