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Success is Born of Strategy


I feel there are several key pieces of information that everyone needs to know to be successful on the Civil PE Exam, and I’d like to share those with you. You should not approach this exam in a random or casual manner if you want to pass. You need to make a strategic decision in choosing which PM Exam to take, you need to prepare strategically, and you need to have a strategic approach to solving problems on the exam itself. In my two Exam Strategy videos, I outline the steps I have found can lead to success in each of these areas.

You also have another strategic factor to consider when making your plans to take the Civil PE Exam. There is a big change coming in 2023 with the conversion of the Civil PE Exams to a Computer-Based Testing format. In my “Change Is Coming” article, I outline outline the implications of the CBT exam and give you my advice regarding this change.

– Dr. Tom


Civil PE Exam Overview and Deciding which PM Exam to Select.

Many of you may already know which PM Exam you will be taking, but I recommend that you view this video anyway for the general information about the exam. I go over the exam format, and I discuss the importance of thoroughly reviewing all the areas covered in the AM exam and the review time required to obtain the 56 points needed to pass the exam. I also look at the pros and cons of choosing each of the Civil PM Exams, with a special recommendation for those considering the Construction PM Exam

“Dr. Tom’s was very helpful in covering the broad ranges of the AM and PM portion, especially helpful in areas that I had no experience in and no recent school. I passed my first try. Thank you very much for your class!”

Justin Blackwell, PE
San Diego, CA


Recommendations During the Exam

This video is all about exam day strategies, the fundamental key to success: my strategic exam day approach to problem-solving, how to guess effectively, and other important factors to remember about the exam that may seem obvious, but can trip you up on exam day.

“All the hours following the Dr. Tom method paid off. One of the critical items to my success was the test taking strategy of taking multiple passes and not allowing myself to become too hung up on any one question. I recommend the Dr. Tom courses, they were worth both my monetary and time investments.”

– Chris Bakey, PE, Cochranville, PA

Change Is Coming

The Conversion of the Civil PE Exam to Computer-Based Testing

Change is coming to the Civil PE Exams, and that change will have a profound effect on your experience taking the exam and your chances of success. Starting in 2022, the Civil PE Exams will convert to a Computer-Based Testing format. After these exams convert to the CBT format, you will no longer be able to take the exam in the Pencil-and-Paper format, and that will completely change what it takes to prepare for and pass these exams. In Dr. Tom’s CHANGE IS COMING article, he outlines the implications of the CBT exam and give you his advice regarding this change.

“The new CBT format is going to present you with an exam experience that is more daunting and one for which carefully preparing and choosing your exam references will no longer give you an advantage. My advice is to take and pass the PE exam now, before it’s too late.!

– Dr. Tom