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Problem 119 in the NCEES Civil AM Practice Exam is a classic Geotechnical question on gravity retaining wall stability, particularly overturning stability of the wall. It is critical that you are able to solve these types of classic retaining wall problems on the PE exam because you are almost certain to see them regardless of which discipline you select for the exam. This question will help you brush up on some basic geometry, statics, and will touch on very simple soil mechanics of lateral earth pressure, which is all you really need to know to solve retaining wall problems on the AM portion of the exam.

However, you need to be efficient at solving these problems quickly even if it looks like they require several steps to get to the end result. Our instructional courses at Dr. Tom’s Classroom provide the most efficient way to get to the solution for common PE exam problems just like this one. Give this problem a try and watch the video to see if you understand all of the steps to get to the end result, good luck! – Mike Batten, PE – DTC Civil Geotechnical Instructor

Mike Batten’s Solution to Civil AM: NCEES Problem 119 – Geotechnical: Retaining Wall Stability: https://drtomsclassroom.com/free-civil-videos/

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