Achieve the Extraordinary

Achieve the Extraordinary.

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You have achieved a lot in your career as an engineer, but you know that you are capable of more. Getting your P.E. license will open up a world of possibilities for you to achieve the extraordinary. And we can help you make those possibilities a reality with our 20-Week Reviews for the Civil and Mechanical PE Exams and our comprehensive plan to prepare you to pass the exam.
Professional Engineers are changing our world for the better every day with amazing achievements. We can’t wait to see what you will do with your PE!
Dr. Tom’s Classroom – Achieve the Extraordinary

“Dr. Tom’s 20-Week Review provided the structure and the solid foundation I needed to pass the PE exam. Learning to quickly identify the type of problem and using Dr. Tom’s back-to-basics method of problem solving helped me feel confident in my ability to do well. The quality, exam day references provided, exam day strategies, and the confidence I have in Dr. Tom’s program makes it easy for me to recommend Dr. Tom’s Classroom others preparing for the PE exam. Thanks for getting me over the hump and helping me to accomplish a major goal of mine!”

– Clint A., P.E., Tulsa, Oklahoma