Water Resources / Environmental PE Exam Review

“With DTC’s help I passed the Civil PE exam after several attempts! The organization of the course material helped me out tremendously.” – PE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Water Resources/Environmental Review Options

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  • 20-Week Review – $950 – Sign up March 1 through June 30 – SIGN UP
  • Fast Track Review – $750 – Sign up July 1 through September 15 – SIGN UP
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Water Resources/Environmental Course Info

The DTC Water Resources/Environmental PE Exam Review is an online course featuring Dr. Tom’s successful, exam-focused 20-Week approach. This comprehensive and targeted review uses his tried and true method for organizing your exam resource materials and a problem-solving strategy for maximizing your ability to solve problems quickly during the exam. The course is easy to access online and can be done at your pace and on your schedule.

The Review covers both the AM Breadth Exam and the PM Water Resources/Environmental Exam.

  • Part 1: Civil AM Exam (Breadth) – For the first 15 weeks, you will review the common Civil AM Exam topics in each of the five Civil Engineering areas. Each area is covered in three weeks and will have a different expert instructor.
  • Part 2: Water Resources/Environmental PM Exam (Depth) – For the last 5 weeks, you will review PM Exam topics for your area, familiarizing you with solutions for the type of problems you will see on the exam.

NOTE: Before you choose the Water Resources & Environmental Exam as your PM Exam, we recommend that you watch Dr. Tom’s Civil Exam Strategy – Part 1 Video to see Dr. Tom’s recommendations on PM Exam choice. 

In the Review, you follow detailed, day-by-day assignments in your study plan in which you:

  • go online to watch pre-recorded video lessons (over 50),
  • read selected assignments in the CERM and other reference books,
  • learn the most efficient ways to solve problems,
  • work numerous, carefully chosen problems including:
    • assigned NCEES practice exam problems,
    • weekly Challenge Problems with solution videos in the course (over 50),
    • weekly Assessment Problems in the course,
  • access a Participant Forum to ask your instructors questions about the course content,
  • download handouts for every lesson and problem presented,
  • use these handouts and your notes to build your own Personalized Resource Notebooks,
  • download and use the Civil Exam Day Companion reference.

It’s a lot of material and a lot of work, but if you follow the plan, you will be prepared for the exam.

To learn more details about how the DTC Civil Review courses work, CLICK HERE.

Water Resources/Environmental Course Syllabus

Study WeekExam SectionTopics
1AMStructural Week 1: Solid Mechanics
2AMStructural Week 2: Advanced Design and Materials
3AMStructural Week 3: Applications to Structures
4AMGeotechnical Week 1: Soil Mechanics and Soil Properties
5AMGeotechnical Week 2: Soil Mechanics
6AMGeotechnical Week 3: Materials
7AMConstruction Week 1: Cost Estimating and Project Scheduling
8AMConstruction Week 2: Construction Methods, Loading & Temporary Structures
9AMConstruction Week 3: Surveying, Earthwork and Safety
10AMTransportation Week 1: Horizontal Alignment
11AMTransportation Week 2: Vertical Alignment
12AMTransportation Week 3: Traffic Volume
13AMWater Resources/Environmental Week 1: Fluid Mechanics
14AMWater Resources/Environmental Week 2: Rainfall Runoff Prediction
15AMWater Resources/Environmental Week 3: Stormwater Collection
16PMWater Resources/Environmental Week 4: Hydraulics & Hydrology
17PMWater Resources/Environmental Week 5: Groundwater and Wells
18PMWater Resources/Environmental Week 6: Water Quality and Loading
19PMWater Resources/Environmental Week 7: Drinking Water Distribution & Treatment
20PMWater Resources/Environmental Week 8: Wastewater Collection and Treatment