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"...my biggest concern was problem identification and time management."

"Dr. Tom's 20-week review course was very helpful at breaking down the mountain of information that is Mechanical Engineering into small bite-sized pieces. I had taken the PE twice before, and my biggest concern was problem identification and time management. I knew that these two strategies are critical to passing. On previous exams, I often times would not be able to quickly identify the question type and, therefore, wouldn’t know how to begin to solve it. I believe this was the main reason I did not pass before, and the other review course I took did not help out much with that.
It was apparent early on in Dr. Tom’s 20-Week Review course that problem identification was one of the main focuses. With the way the course topics were divided, as well as with use of the Personalized Resource Notebooks, I was able to identify problem types significantly faster than before. I believe this was the main reason I passed. Dr. Tom seems to really care about his students and course attendees, and I’m grateful his devotion has lead to such an effective review course. Dr. Tom’s course was much more effective than the other review course I took, and I would recommend Dr. Tom's 20-Week Review to others preparing for the ME PE Exam, without a doubt.

William Allred, PE, LEED AP BD+C, RS&H, Merritt Island, Florida

"Dr. Tom's Classroom is undeniably the best value in ME PE exam preparation..."

"My experience with Dr. Tom's practical focus on application of engineering principles in an undergraduate course at NC State University allowed me to make an easy choice in Mechanical Engineering PE exam preparation courses. His no-nonsense approach coupled with a wide-ranging experience and clear explanations validated my pick and was undoubtedly a key factor leading to my passing score on the Thermal/Fluids exam. The well-structured course format provides an organized progression through the review material and the resources provided were key in my ability to efficiently work through the exam. The MERM and Dr. Tom's Exam Day Companion were the two references I used for about 90% of the problems. With better than competitive prices, effective teaching ability, and proven results, Dr. Tom's Classroom is undeniably the best value in Mechanical Engineering PE exam preparation, thanks Dr. Tom!"

Andrew Lipetzky, PE, Duke Energy, New Hill, NC

"His dedication is obvious..."

"Dr. Tom's 20-Week review was immensely helpful towards my success on the PE exam. I realized early on that I would not be able to maintain a studying schedule on my own and am glad I took his course. My other main concern was being able to understand the concepts well enough to quickly understand what the exam problems were asking. The online lessons were the especially helpful because they explained concepts that can be confusing in other resources (like the MERM) or difficult to review on your own. The lessons are easy to follow, and Dr. Tom's teaching style gets right to the point. He teaches you what you need to know and what not to waste time on. His dedication is obvious and he makes an effort to answer every question. I would recommend this class for those who like to take their time studying and especially for those who need a good refresher course, but it's up to you to put in the effort."

Angela McNeely, PE, Overland Park, KS

"...Dr. Tom’s review course was the key to my success."

"Being nearly 20 years out of college, I was VERY intimidated to attempt the PE exam. I can say with absolute certainty that Dr. Tom’s review course was the key to my success. The organized approach (study schedule, practice problem selection, and reference binder structure) allowed me to focus on learning the content for the exam instead of wasting time trying to figure those out on my own and just studying the MERM. I was doubtful that I could get back up to speed on so many of the subjects that I spent years studying in college, but it worked! I initially was planning to attend a live class offered by another company. However, sitting through 4 days in a row of 8 hour classes (for three weekends) did NOT appeal to me or fit my learning style. Tackling it at MY pace and on MY schedule (weekday lunch and evenings, weekends), focusing on solving examples, and shoring up trouble areas before progressing to new lessons was the only way I could effectively learn the material. Doing, not merely watching is the key for me. Having the same teacher across all subjects was also a plus, as was the fact that Dr. Tom's classes are less expensive.
Dr. Tom's Fast Track Review has an aggressive schedule. However, I worked hard (30-40 hours a week) to "knock off the rust" my skills had collected over the years and get caught up. The classes reminded me of college lectures, except focusing on the applications instead of developing equations. Let's just say I was even knocking the rust off of my ALGEBRA skills when I began the course and still covered enough ground to not only pass but score a "B" on the exam.
I would recommend Dr. Tom’s Reviews, but due to time demands of the Fast Track Review, for those juggling work and family responsibilities, the 20-Week Review may prove a better fit. But I can't argue with the results!"

Brent V., PE, Houston, Texas

"...the best chance possible to pass the P.E. exam."

"I knew I wanted my P.E. license long before I was eligible to take the exam. I've never been a great test taker. I definitely didn't graduate at the top of my class. I always had a problem with the time limits imposed on me in college exams and knew that the P.E. was going to be no different.
When I got my four years of engineering experience, I immediately started looking at the resources available for me to prepare for the exam. I came across Dr. Lindberg's Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual and immediately saw that I had a lot of information to cover in order to be prepared. I wasn't even sure where to begin. I didn't know which pm exam was right for me. The one thing I did know was what it felt like to fail an NCEES exam. I was one of the statistically low number of "first time takers" who didn't pass the F.E when I was fresh out of college. This would be my first try at the P.E. exam, and I really wanted it to be my only try. After looking at all my options, I decided that a prep course would be the best option for me. I liked having a structure and liked the idea of being helped by people who dedicate themselves to helping guys like me pass exams. Many of the prep course options seemed a little impersonal to me and offered very few samples of the course content that they offer. I noticed Dr. Tom was much more generous with his content and explained himself very clearly. I was pretty much sold after I saw his videos on exam strategy. No one else was offering anything close as far as free content goes. It's also hard to go wrong with a southerner. ; )
Dr. Tom's course had a solid plan and he was always available to answer questions. His course requires a lot of time and work, but he was there with us every step of the way. By the time exam day came around, I was very prepared and felt I had a realistic chance of passing this exam. I had no idea what the NCEES would ask me, but I knew I had a strong foundation to face what was coming. I took the exam using Dr. Tom's strategy and was able to finish with enough time to check my work in both the AM and PM portions of the exam. Nothing was able to calm the nervousness that I felt waiting on my exam results, but I did leave feeling like I at least had a fair chance of passing. After weeks of waiting nervously, I got my results and found out I passed. The pressure has been lifted and I'm excited to move on with my career and personal life.
I would recommend this course to any mechanical engineer who is serious about giving themselves the best chance possible to pass the P.E. exam."

Brian, PE, Taylor Machine Works, Starkville, Mississippi

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