Top 10 Reasons DTC Is the Best!

As part of our 10 Extraordinary Years celebration, we are counting down the Top Ten reasons that DTC is the best.

#10 – More Free Videos.

From the beginning, Dr. Tom wanted to offer free videos because, as he says, “I just love to see the light bulb go on when a student finally understands how to solve a problem.” He started with videos on topics in the MERM and NCEES Practice Exam that needed greater clarification, and our Civil instructors have done the same. These videos quickly became very popular – the video on Distributed Loads has been watched over 53,000 times and other top videos have been watched many thousands of times.

Then Dr. Tom added Exam Strategy Videos to give Mechanical and Civil Engineers tips on how to choose the right PE exam and how to approach problem-solving on the exam. We add new videos whenever we see a need, like the two videos on the New Mechanical CBT Exam Format we added just this month.

We also offer Sample Video Lessons from both our Civil and Mechanical PE Exam Reviews. These videos allow folks to see what they’ll be getting when that take our courses – what a typical lesson looks like and how each of our instructors teach.

We will keep adding new free videos as we come across topics that need them. The more we’ve worked with civil and mechanical engineers, helping them prepare for the PE Exam, the more we understand what a difference getting your PE can make in a person’s life. That really is what we enjoy most about all this, helping to change people’s lives.

“After two failed attempts, I believe that Dr. Tom’s course was just what I needed to get on the right track. I found out about the course from the free YouTube videos, and I was sold on the presentation style; confident and up-beat, very unlike the other course DVDs I had purchased before.”
Bill, PE, Texas

“Many of the prep course options seemed a little impersonal to me and offered very few samples of the course content that they offer. I noticed Dr. Tom was much more generous with his content and explained himself very clearly. I was pretty much sold after I saw his videos on exam strategy. No one else was offering anything close as far as free content goes.”
Brian, PE, Taylor Machine Works, Starkville, Mississippi

#9: Online Training Expertise

Not all online courses are created equal. What sets DTC apart is the effectiveness of our courses, which is a direct result of our collective expertise in and focus on teaching via an online platform.

Dr. Tom’s Classroom was started with one goal in mind, to create the best online PE Exam Review possible. It began with Dr. Tom’s decades of experience teaching all the basic mechanical engineering undergraduate course: statics, dynamics, solids, fluids, thermal I and II, heat transfer. With that foundation, he began to teach live and webinar-based Mechanical PE Exam reviews. That was great, but he had a vision that he could help more people via an online class.

Enter the rest of the DTC team, who brought their own decades of experience with distance learning, instructional design, and video training. Partnering with one of the highest-rated learning management systems, Dr. Tom and the team developed the tried and true structure and method that we offer in our online reviews today.

Our courses take the maximum advantage of the flexibility of online learning. Available 24/7, they allow you to work through your review when it’s most convenient for you, without having to worry about missing a class.

At the same time our courses provide you with structure. Given the scope of the material that must be mastered, having a clear and targeted review is essential. No time wasted on low probably high difficultly topics. More time spent on “low hanging fruit” that will help you get the points you need to pass the exam.

And most importantly, we give you strategies for success. Passing the exam is about much more than understanding concepts. You need to have an approach that will serve you well on exam day, that’s what we offer.

We continue to improve our online courses every day, using the new tools that become available and adapting to meet the challenges of the new 
CBT Exam format.

“I initially was planning to attend a live class offered by another company. However, sitting through 4 days in a row of 8 hour classes (for three weekends) did NOT appeal to me or fit my learning style. Tackling it at MY pace and on MY schedule (weekday lunch and evenings, weekends), focusing on solving examples, and shoring up trouble areas before progressing to new lessons was the only way I could effectively learn the material. Doing, not merely watching is the key for me.”
-Brent V., PE, Houston, Texas

“Having never taken an online course, I was initially very skeptical. After taking Dr. Tom’s course, I realize the many benefits of an online course. There is great value in being able to pause, back up watch the material multiple times if you need to do so.”
Bill, PE, Texas

#8: Extended Access

In the ten years that we’ve been offering DTC PE Exam reviews, we’ve learned that fitting exam prep into an already busy life is always a challenge. Add in a family emergency, a work crisis, or an unexpected heath issue, and your review can be delayed for a time. That’s why we decided to celebrate our 10 Extraordinary Years by extending access to all our courses for up to a year.

Dr. Tom developed his 20-Week Reviews to provide you with the maximum exposure to the material needed to pass the exam in the most advantageous time frame. 20 Weeks is ideal to promote comprehension as you review and retention of the material on exam day. So ideally, you want to complete your review following the 20-Week schedule.

But we understand that the perfect time frame is not always achievable. With access for up to a year, you will have time to complete your review, even if life throws you a few curves along the way.

“I participated in the 20-Week Review class for the Civil: Water Resources and Environmental exam. All of the hours put into studying and developing the materials following the Dr. Tom method paid off as I passed the Exam. Taking the 20 weeks to absorb the material and develop organized references I believe was also critical to my success. I will recommend anyone taking the test in the future to use the Dr. Tom courses, they were worth both my monetary and time investments.” 

– Chris Bakey, PE, Cochranville, PA

#7: Flexibility

Maximum flexibility is built in to DTC PE Exam Review courses in multiple ways because we understand that you are a very busy person, and that finding time to prepare for the PE Exam is a big challenge. We give you the structure, you choose the schedule.

First, our courses are available 24/7 online and 100% self-paced, so you can study when and where it works best for you. And you can move at your own pace, working quickly through the topics that you know well and taking more time on those you need to review more carefully.

We’ve also broken our lessons down into short videos that focus on a single topic, followed by assigned practice problems that immerse you in a topic in manageable chunks that promote understanding and make it easier for you to fit them into your busy schedule: before work, on a lunch break, after dinner, whatever works for you. You can keep moving through your review without having to block out hours of time at once.

And we give you lots of time for your review. Dr. Tom recommends that you take 20 weeks to prepare for the PE Exam, and he is especially wary of “crash courses.” That’s why all our courses are based on a 20-week schedule. But you have access to the courses for up to a year, allowing you the flexibility to take longer if you need to.

We’ve even introduced flexible payment options – Pay Up Front and save money or Pay-As-You-Go and spread your payments out over time.

Flexibility is one reason DTC’s courses are so effective for so many people, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to make our courses the most effective PE Exam reviews out there.

“I’m a father with two young children and a demanding job. I wasn’t going to be able to commit hours mid-day or on the weekend to studying. This was the right program for me. The structure and organization provided by the course, your frank commentary on what or what not to study, your logic for taking the thermal/fluids pm concentration, and your comforting demeanor in the videos were all critical in my success. I can’t comment on any other study programs out there, but I can say with complete certainty that the Dr. Tom program ensured my ability to pass the exam. I can’t thank you enough!”

– Aaron John Tippie, PE
Westwood Professional Services, Inc., San Antonio, Texas

“If you have been out of school for so long, with Dr. Tom’s review course you can’t go wrong. I’ve been out of school for 24 years and I got a pass in the PE Mechanical Thermal & Fluids System exam!!!!! I worked hard for almost year to get up to speed on the math and solving the correct problems needed to pass the exam and it finally paid off. I’m a happier person today, thanks to Dr. Tom and his team, this was a lifetime goal I have just achieved.”

– Jose A Rodriguez, PE
Johnson and Johnson, Raynham, Massachusetts

#6: It’s All We Do

We are small company that is laser focused on one objective – to make our courses the best preparation possible for the Civil and Mechanical PE Exams. It really is all we do.

Dr. Tom and his team worked diligently for many years to develop and refine the highly effective Dr. Tom Method of preparing for the pencil-and-paper Mechanical PE Exam. In 2016, with the help of five amazing instructors, we applied that method to the Civil PE Exam.

Over the past two years, we’ve been focused on developing a whole new Method for the Mechanical CBT Exam. Brand new courses using this new method are being rolled out right now. Dr. Tom is working tirelessly to make sure the method and every lesson is effective for this challenging exam format.

We also listen to the participants in our courses, and often make improvements based on their suggestions. Whatever it takes to make sure we’re offering you the best exam review we can. When you’re only doing one thing, it’s important to do it well. Everyday, we strive to be the best out there to help you achieve the extraordinary.

“Dr. Tom, armed with the method you taught and the organizational tools from your course, I passed on my second try. I attribute the success to calming myself with the discipline and time management learned in your course. THE DOCTOR TOM METHOD WORKS!! I just needed to apply it and keep a cool head. I just wanted to say thank you. Your course was the best. I am extremely grateful. Your course was the reason I passed.”
– A. Hill, PE, Arkansas
“I took the PE exam for my first time and passed. I took the DTC course and thought it was well worth it. I walked out of the exam confident that I had passed. DTC was virtually my only resource for preparing for the exam. I found that the organization and schedule of the course to be important in my success. The course kept me on track and provided the structure needed to identify and solve the types of problems that are likely to be on the exam. The Dr. Tom method works for success on the PE exam!” – Thomas Ross, Skytrac, Salt Lake City, Utah

#5: Better Prices & Payment Options

We realize that buying a PE Exam Review is a major purchase that can be challenging to manage. That’s why we’ve worked to keep our prices as low as possible, and why we introduced our Pay-As-You-Go option. You can spread out the cost by purchasing each module of the course when you need it. Or you can save money by choosing our Pay Up Front option and buying the full course at once.

But don’t let our lower prices fool you. DTC has the best PE Exam review courses out there. And with all our courses, you get up to 12 months’ access, making it possible for you to take the time you need to complete your review.

We want you to become a PE, and we are committed to make our courses, not only the best out there, but the most affordable and accessible. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Listen to our many successful participants.

“With better than competitive prices, effective teaching ability, and proven results, Dr. Tom’s Classroom is undeniably the best value in PE exam preparation, thanks Dr. Tom!”
– Andrew Lipetzky, PE, Duke Energy, New Hill, NC

“Why choose Dr. Tom over the other courses available? 1. Easy to understand instructors. 2. Concise study plan. 3. Cost. Compare it to other courses out there like I did. I think you will be glad you saved several hundred dollars and got a better review course.”
– Evan Tinker, PE, Argus Consulting Inc., Overland Park, KS

“The cost of the program is well worth it.  Dr. Tom’s plan is extensive, intensive, and organized. The online lectures are perfect for the professional that must do his/her best to put the hours in during their “free time.”
– Motes, PE, Blythewood, SC

“Dr Tom’s course content alone is worth the price, but the real value for me came from having a rock solid structure that I know is absolutely tailored for the PE exam.”
– Tommy S. PE, Las Vegas, NV

“DTC gave me a plan, helped me prioritize the key areas of study, not get bogged down into too much subject-matter detail, and spend my time effectively. It’s priced right, and has great content.”
– Lance Way, PE, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Texas

“DTC’s step by step course really did make all the difference! The course is one of the most reasonably priced courses I could find and discovering that it was also so amazing was really a pleasant surprise.”
– Erica Kerr, PE, North Las Vegas, NV



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