Committed to Your Success


“I am so proud of the amazing team of instructors we have assembled to help me teach our Mechanical PE Exam reviews. They are passionate about teaching in addition to being very skilled their field of expertise. I have been so impressed with how they have embraced the Dr. Tom Method and have worked so diligently to create excellent lessons, problems and study plans for our exam reviews. Like me, they just love to see the light bulb go on when a student finally understands how to solve a problem.”

– Dr. Tom

The structure and support that I received from Dr. Tom’s Classroom was paramount to my success during the exam. The instruction provided by Dr. Tom helped to calm my nerves about the exam as well as build confidence in my ability to pass. I truly appreciate the efforts put forth by Dr. Tom and all others that make this review possible. I was happy to find people who cared about me and my success on the exam. Without hesitation, I would tell any ME preparing for the PE exam to start with Dr. Tom’s Classroom.

– Chris, PE, Toms River, New Jersey