Technical Support for DTC Online Classroom

Kim is the answerer of questions and solver of issues relating to the functioning of the DTC online classroom. If something in the course isn’t working right for you, just let her know, and she’ll get it fixed.

Hello, I’m Kim DeCoste, and I’m the person who worked with all these brilliant engineers to help put together the online courses we offer at DTC. We’ve all worked very hard to make sure that everything works all the time, but when you’re dealing with ones and zeros, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong from time to time. When our participants let us know they’re having trouble, we go to work right away to get things working smoothly again, because we understand how valuable their time is when every minute counts toward passing the exam. If I can’t solve the problem, I have a wonderful team of technical folks from our online classroom provider who are great a solving those extra tricky technical issues. I really enjoy working with folks to help them reach this important goal in their lives, and I absolutely love it when the “I passed!” emails start pouring in when they receive their exam results. – Kim

Kim received her Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television and Film from Northwestern University with an additional concentration in Speech Education and Instructional Design. She worked for many years as a freelance video producer, writer, director, and editor on over 100 museum, non-profit, government, educational, and corporate film and video productions, including numerous award-winning programs. More recently, she has worked as a content developer for web sites, interactive media, and online courses.


Technical Support for DTC Online Classroom & Website

Bonnie is not only available to help you with issues relating to the functioning of the DTC online classroom, she also keeps tabs on the website to make sure you can find the information you need about our courses.

Hello, I’m Bonnie Thyer, and I’m the newest member of the DTC support team. I am learning new things every day working with this passionate team. I enjoy keeping things humming behind the scenes to make sure that Dr. Tom’s Classroom online classroom and website are delivering a smooth learning experience for our participants. I’m always encouraged by the positive feedback we receive from our participants and the amazing testimonials from those who have successfully conquered the PE Exam. And I consider it an honor to be part of Dr. Tom’s Classroom. – Bonnie

Bonnie received her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has a knack for developing efficient processes and keen eye for detail. She has over 15 years of experience working in communication coordination, web development and maintaining websites for local non-profits and businesses. She has completed certificates in Web Development and Database Management from Guilford Technical Community College to keep her web development skills up-to-date.


Technical Support for DTC Participant Forums

Jimm is the keeper of the all important DTC Participant Forums. He makes sure this vital life line between our participants and instructors is functioning and running smoothly for everyone.

Hi, I am a marketing / media production guy but I’ve always had a affinity for engineers. I started my career working with a manufacturing engineering group of a international corporation. I really enjoyed my job and at the time thought about getting a engineering degree. But fate took me in a different direction. A marketing position became available in the company. It was perfect for my skill set and the rest is history.

I began to help train our sales force on ways to sell our products. As my experience grew, so did my responsibilities allowing me to help produce award winning sales and marketing media. After a few years, I broke out with two other media experts to form a small media production company focusing on education, specifically helping good educators economically distribute information online.

Then, we met Dr. Tom. Tom is one of the best educators I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He was developing a “Method” to help engineers prepare for the Professional Engineering Exam and wanted to post it online. Our company joined forces with Tom to provide engineers all the strategies and materials necessary to pass the PE exam. At DTC, I honestly believe I am doing just that. DTC Courses are your best chance to get your PE! – Jimm

Jimm received his Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is an award winning producer, editor, and animation / media professional.

“I passed with 84%!  I am convinced that without Dr. Tom’s Classroom I would not have done nearly as well and there’s a good chance I would not have passed. I was very impressed with the material Dr. Tom covered, how he focused on what we needed to know for the exam (not the theory), and how open he and his staff were to any questions or problems I had throughout the courses. I highly recommend that anybody who is planning to take the PE take Dr. Tom’s Classroom review courses and follow his study outline.”

Amy C., PE, Houston, Texas