Mechanical PE and Civil PE Exam Review

If you are a Mechanical Engineer looking for a Mechanical PE Exam review course or a Civil Engineer needing a Civil PE Exam review course, then you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Tom’s Classroom was started by Dr. Tom Brown, PE with the simple goal of helping aspiring Mechanical Engineers prepare for, and pass, the Mechanical PE Exam. After years of great success, and because of rising demand by folks in the Civil Engineering community, Dr. Tom searched for five highly qualified instructors to help create the DTC Civil PE Exam Review utilizing the “Dr. Tom Method,” which walks you through everything that should be done, day by day.

One of our students, Chandler A., who passed the April 2017 exam had this to say, “I needed a prep course that told me how, what, and when to study. DTC (Dr. Tom’s Classroom) was perfect in that regard. I walked into my study sessions daily not having to worry about what needed to be accomplished.”

Welcome. Have a look around our site and find the course that is right for you. And when in doubt, read the testimonials from our students.

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