If you are a Mechanical Engineer looking for a Mechanical PE Exam review course or a Civil Engineer needing a Civil PE Exam review course, then you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Tom’s Classroom was started by Dr. Tom Brown, PE with the simple goal of helping aspiring Mechanical Engineers prepare for, and pass, the Mechanical PE Exam. After years of great success, and because of rising demand by folks in the Civil Engineering community, Dr. Tom searched for five highly qualified instructors to help create the DTC Civil PE Exam Review utilizing the “Dr. Tom Method,” which walks you through everything that should be done, day by day.

One of our students, Chandler A., who passed the April 2017 exam had this to say, “I needed a prep course that told me how, what, and when to study. DTC (Dr. Tom’s Classroom) was perfect in that regard. I walked into my study sessions daily not having to worry about what needed to be accomplished.”

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”Dr. Tom’s 20 Week course helped me learn everything I needed to pass the PE exam on the first try. I have already recommended the course to my coworker and I will encourage other ME’s to take the course. I just wish I could shake Dr. Tom’s hand and tell him thank you for everything!”

Michael Noll, PE

Delmar Systems, Houston, TX
“I honestly believe that I could not have passed the exam without Dr. Tom’s teaching, guidance and strategy. Dr. Tom should be your #1 resource for exam preparation!”

Mike R., PE

Atlanta, GA
”If you don’t read my entire testimonial – here is the “bottom line upfront:” Look no further! If you work the program, watch the lectures, do the problems, prepare the personalized resource notebooks, and use the participant forum… you will pass the exam. Thank you Dr. Tom and your entire staff.”

Neil Martin, PE (LTC (Retired – US Army)

Veolia Water Technologies, Naperville, Illinois
”His no-nonsense approach coupled with a wide-ranging experience and clear explanations was undoubtedly a key factor leading to my passing score on the exam. With better than competitive prices, effective teaching ability, and proven results, Dr. Tom’s Classroom is undeniably the best value in Mechanical Engineering PE exam preparation. Thanks Dr. Tom!”

Andrew Lipetzky, PE

Duke Energy, New Hill, NC
“If you are looking for a PE review course, look no farther. My advice, if you are going to devote that much of your time to studying, spend the money for the review course. I have no doubt I would have passed the exam the first time if I had taken Dr. Tom’s review course. Don’t spend 400 hours kicking yourself for trying to save a few dollars, just take the course. If I could go back in time I would spend 10 times the cost of the review course to take it from the start. After all, how much is your time worth to you?”

Brad Townsend, P.E.

”I can say with absolute certainty that Dr. Tom’s review course was the key to my success. I was doubtful that I could get back up to speed on so many of the subjects that I spent years studying in college, but it worked!”

Brent V., PE

Houston, Texas
”Dr. Tom’s course was essential to my success. With his help, I passed on my first attempt. I would recommend for this course, especially to those that enjoy the virtual classroom-type of instruction. Dr Tom’s course content alone is worth the price, but the real value for me came from having a rock solid structure that I know is absolutely tailored for the PE exam.”

Tommy S. PE

Las Vegas, NV
“There is no magic bullet for passing this exam, but if you’re willing to put in the work, the 20-Week course is invaluable.”

Michael Kruse, PE

”I passed with an 84%! I am convinced that without Dr. Tom’s Classroom I would not have done nearly as well and there’s a good chance I would not have passed. I was very impressed, and I highly recommend that anybody who is planning to take the PE Exam take Dr. Tom’s Classroom review courses and follow his study outline.”

Amy C., PE

Houston, Texas
”No nonsense, make the plan, work the plan kind of guy. If you want a plan that will put you on the track to first time success, Dr. Tom is your man.”

William Lowery II, PE

UNC Cogeneration Systems, Chapel Hill, North Carolina