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“After reviewing other available material and courses, I realized that Dr. Tom’s 20-week PE Review Course is the right choice for me. I passed the Civil PE exam on my first try and I attribute this to Dr. Tom’s Classroom for providing the best schedule, study material, and strategies and also introducing a great team of instructors. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone who is planning on taking their PE exam.”
– Dadbeh Dowlatshahi, P.E., Houston, Texas

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“The most difficult part of preparing for the exam was knowing the precise scope of the morning exam subjects and identifying important concepts. In that respect, the extent of each subject presented in Dr. Tom’s class, important conceptual explanations, examples that clearly understand the concepts, and especially the various challenges have given me a lot of self-confidence. Again, I would like to thank Dr. Tom’s Class Team for helping me prepare for the exam.”
Nam Young Do, PE, Lotte E&C, South Korea

Mechanical Engineers.
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Change is here, and we’re ready for it. Dr. Tom and his team have developed a whole new review method to provide the best possible preparation for the CBT exam format. With Computer-Based Testing, mechanical engineers face a completely different exam experience that requires a completely new method of preparation. Our new courses are specifically designed to prepare you not only to understand the exam topics but to be successful in managing the challenges of the CBT exam format. Dr. Tom cracked the code of the pencil-and-paper PE Exam, and now he’s worked his magic again with the CBT format. Be one of the first mechanical engineers to benefit from his efforts and pass the new CBT exam.  
We will begin offering our new Mechanical PE Exam Reviews on October 1. To encourage you to go ahead and start your review as soon as possible, we will be offering 12-Month Access to the course in a special Introductory Pay-As-You-Go Option* that will allow you to purchase the course in 7 modules that each cost $100, making your total cost for the course only $700, a $450 savings off the regular price of $1150. 

Somehow Dr. Tom has been able to decode this myth.” 

– Eche, PE, Richmond, VA

*NOTE: Due to the complete overhaul required to make these new courses as effective as possible for the CBT exam format, the course will not be 100% complete by October 1. Dr. Tom and his team are taking this conversion very seriously, and we are making sure that it is the best preparation possible for this exam. That’s why it’s taking a while. New modules of the Introductory Pay-As-You-Go Option will be made available as soon as they are completed. Our goal is to have the course complete as soon as possible, with July 1 being the latest completion date. The earliest that you should schedule to take the exam is July 1, 2020. If you begin your review now, you should be on track to take the exam then, but you will also have access to the course for several months beyond that date. 



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