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– Jose A Rodriguez, PE, Johnson and Johnson, Raynham, Massachusetts 

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– Chris, PE, Toms River, New Jersey


Overall – 87%
Machine Design and Materials – 90%
Thermal and Fluid Systems – 84%.

(NCEES Pass Rates for 1st time: MDM 73%,
TFS 70%, for repeat MDM 46%, TFS 34%)

The DTC team was determined to meet the challenge of the new CBT exam format with the best preparation possible. We took two years to create brand new courses tailored specifically to the CBT exam and the NCEES Reference Handbook. We developed a number of innovative learning techniques to take maximum advantage of the flexibility and structure of online learning, and it looks like they are working. And in 2021, we added a review for the HVAC & Refrigeration PE Exam.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled with these results, but we won’t won’t stop there. We will continue to make improvements to our Mechanical PE Exam Reviews, adding new content and features based on participant feedback and our evolving understanding of this new exam format. Helping you pass the PE Exam is all we do, and we hope to see you in a course soon.

“Dr. Tom’s Classroom is worth its weight in gold! After completing the 20-Week Course, I felt extremely confident and prepared walking in to the exam.  Using the methods taught by DTC, exam questions never felt overwhelming and I had all the tools required to quickly solve them. I highly recommend DTC to any future applicants as they begin their studies for the exam.”

Thomas Gresko, P.E., Valdes Engineering Company, Griffith, Indiana