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As all Americans work to protect ourselves and each other during this pandemic, we are so grateful to the many frontline workers and behind-the-scenes researchers who are working overtime to stem the tide of this pandemic. 

At DTC we realize that the uncertainty of these times and the resulting economic impact will make embarking on preparation for the PE Exam even more daunting than usual. We want to do our part to help civil and mechanical engineers get started on their journey to becoming Professional Engineers by making it easier and more affordable to begin their exam preparation with DTC. 

That’s why we are extending the lower-priced $700 Introductory Mechanical Review options through April, and lowering the price of the Civil Review options to $700 as well. Plus you will be able to begin your review for only $25, and purchase new modules when it works for you. 

In April, Civil Engineers will have:
  • One month to take advantage of special #AllinThisTogether Pricing
    • Pay Up Front Option for $700 (a $50 savings over the regular $750 price)
    • Pay-As-You-Go Option for $700 (a $250 savings over the regular $950 price)
      • Plus pay only $25 for the first module, $125 for the other four AM Exam Review modules, and $175 for the PM Review module. Only the first module needs to be purchased in April to lock in this pricing.
  • We’ll also make the April 2021 Review available, so you can take a full year for your review. 

In April, Mechanical Engineers will have:
  • One extra month to take advantage of our Introductory Mechanical CBT Exam Review Options
    • Pay Up Front for $700 (a $50 savings over the regular $750 price)
    • Pay-As-You-Go  for $700 (a $250 savings over the regular $950 price)
      • Plus with special #AllinThisTogether Pricingpay only $25 for the first module, $100 for the next five modules, and $175 for the last module. Only the first module needs to be purchased in April to lock in this pricing.
  • A full year of access to each module.

By making our Pay-As-You-Go options only $25 to get started, it’s possible for you to begin your review without committing a large amount of money up front and give you the ability to purchase additional modules as needed and affordable for up to a year. 

If you’re looking for a way to begin your review for the PE Exam, we invite you to take advantage of these special prices in April. We hope these options will be helpful to you in these difficult times. 


with New Payment Options +

                       Lower Prices + Longer Access

Ten Extraordinary Years

It has been an extraordinary 10 years, and we are grateful to our participants for allowing us to be part of their journeys to achieve the extraordinary by becoming PEs. Their success is what keeps us going, and we truly appreciate the many kind words and the thanks that we have received from our participants.

To celebrate 10 years of helping hundreds of engineers pass the PE Exam, DTC is offering a whole new pricing model to make our courses more affordable and accessible. So we’re offering all our courses to you for up to a year with new payment options at lower prices. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing us to help you prepare for the exam!

New Payment Options: Pay Up Front or Pay-As-You-Go

We realize that buying a PE Exam Review is a major purchase that can be challenging to manage. With our new Pay-As-You-Go option, you can spread the cost out by purchasing each module of the course when you need it. Or you can save money by choosing our Pay Up Front option and buying the full course at once.

Lower Prices

We lower our prices across the board! Previously, having access to our courses for up to a year cost $1150; now it’s only $950 for Pay-As-You-Go (a $200 price drop) and only $750 (a $400 price drop) if you Pay Up Front.

Longer Access

With all our courses, you get up to 12 months’ access, making it possible for you to take the time you need to complete your review.

Great courses at great prices, our way of helping you achieve your extraordinary.


Save Even More and Get Started Now for just $100!

Due to the complete overhaul required to develop our CBT Mechanical Exam Reviews to be as effective as possible for the CBT exam format, the course is not 100% complete. Dr. Tom and his team are taking this conversion very seriously, and we are making sure that it is the best preparation possible for this exam. That’s why it’s taking a while. New modules are being made available as soon as they are completed. To reward you for your patience as we complete these courses, we are offering these special introductory prices.

  • PAY UP FRONT – $700
  • PAY-AS-YOU-GO – $700
    • Purchase the course in 7 modules that each cost $100.




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