Mechanical PE Exam Review Catalog


CBT Requires a Whole New Method, and We’ve Got It.

Mechanical Engineers! Computer-Based Testing is Here!

The October 2019 Mechanical PE Exam is the last pencil-and-paper exam there will ever be. Beginning in April 2020, you can schedule to take  the PE Exam throughout the year at a proctored computer testing locations.

The CBT format is very different from the pencil-and-paper format. You will not be able to prepare and bring any references with you into the exam. The only reference you are allowed will be provided on the computer screen. Such a different exam experience requires a completely new approach to your exam preparation. With the same care we put into developing our original courses, DTC spent two years developing our CBT Mechanical Exam Reviews to specifically prepare you to be successful with the CBT exam experience.

6-Month or 12-Month Options

Our online reviews are based on a 20-Week Review, and we recommend that you allow 1 week at the beginning to get organized and 3 additional weeks for your final review before the exam. That makes 24 weeks the optimal time frame to provide you with the maximum exposure to the material to promote comprehension as you review and retention of the material on exam day.

  • 6-Month Access ($950) RECOMMENDED!

Provides you with the optimal time frame and requires you to devote 15-20 hours per week to your review.

  • 12 Month Access ($1150)

Provides you with extra time to complete your review with and average of 7-10 hours per week spent on your review.

Introductory Pay-As-You-Go Option.

Available October 1, 2019

Start Your Review for the CBT Mechanical Exam for $100.

We are offering 12-Month Access to the course in a special Introductory Pay-As-You-Go Option* that will allow you to purchase the course in 7 modules that each cost $100, making your total cost for the course only $700, a $450 savings off the regular price of $1150. 

*NOTE: Due to the complete overhaul required to make these new courses as effective as possible for the CBT exam format, the course will not be 100% complete by October 1. Dr. Tom and his team are taking this conversion very seriously, and we are making sure that it is the best preparation possible for this exam. That’s why it’s taking a while. New modules of the Introductory Pay-As-You-Go Option will be made available as soon as they are completed. Our goal is to have the course completed as soon as possible, with July 1 being the latest completion date. The earliest that you should schedule to take the exam is July 1, 2020. If you begin your review now, you should be on track to take the exam then, but you will also have access to the course for several months beyond that date. 

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