The Dr. Tom Method – The Perfect System to Pass the PE Exam

At Dr. Tom’s Classroom, we’ve worked hard to create the perfect system to help Mechanical engineers pass the PE Exam and become Professional Engineers. We even developed and launched a whole new Dr. Tom Method specifically targeted to the CBT exam format, and it’s been a huge success. With PE Exam Review courses for all […]

The Neal Armstrong Award of Excellence – A Night to Remember

No, I did not receive this award, but I had the next best experience – one of my former students did. As a teacher, the primary driving force behind everything I do is the knowledge that, in some small way, I am changing people’s lives. It is rare, however, to know just how much, or […]

FEATURED TESTIMONIAL – I took the HVAC & Refrigeration exam and I PASSED!!!!

“I took the HVAC & Refrigeration exam and I PASSED!!!! Your step-by-step course really did make all the difference! This was my third attempt at taking this thing. The first time I took an in-person study course, a lot of theory, not great with the problem practice. The second time I tried to study on […]

Get a Grip – From a Dead Spider?

Ok, we are going off the deep end here. Mechanical engineers at Rice University have discovered that dead spiders have an incredible grip. Wolf spiders that they have been doing research on in the lab can pick up as much as 130% of their body weight – when dead that is. Apparently, unlike most other […]

Attention HVAC Engineers! DTC Has the Best Course for PE Exam Prep

PE Exam Review for HVAC & Refrigeration

WATCH OUR VIDEO! If you’re looking for your best chance to pass the HVAC & Refrigeration Mechanical PE Exam, Dr. Tom’s Classroom offers a comprehensive online prep course for the HVAC & Refrigeration PE Exam, specifically developed for the CBT format exam. Our HVAC course applies the successful Dr. Tom Method for CBT to the […]

Keeping a Smile on the Mona Lisa in Summer’s Heat

The Louvre Museum and all of Paris have experienced one of the hottest summers in memory. Yet, what’s keeping the Mona Lisa and the millions of visitors cool and comfortable is not immediately obvious. A joint venture company named Fraicheur de Paris [literally – “freshness of Paris”] and jointly owned by EDF (France’s largest energy […]

A New Frontier – Again

On May 25th, 1961, in a special message to Congress, President Kennedy gave the country, and NASA in particular, the goal of landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade. While he did not live to see that goal achieved, it was in July 1969. In December 1972, Apollo 17 would […]

DTC – Better Prices with Flexible Payment Options

At DTC, we realize that the expense of exam prep makes embarking on preparation for the PE Exam even more daunting. That’s why we are committed to making it as stress free and affordable as possible for you to get started on your way to becoming a PE. With our Test Drive option and our […]

A Battery That Never Goes Dead

The most troublesome problem with wind or solar power systems is the weather. For the energy these systems create there needs to be a way to store the excess energy and then be able to deliver that excess energy precisely when it is needed. One innovative way to store this energy is to use what […]