There is a wealth of information out there on how to solve PE Exam problems. For any given class of problems, you can find many solution approaches. You may have even thought of additional, and quite valid, approaches on your own. However, seeking out a number of approaches has a troublesome downside. All you need is one right way to work a problem, but which one to use? You don’t want to make this decision during the exam; that can use up valuable time. You need to make that decision during your preparation, and commit to the solution you are going to use.

You are free to choose any solution you like, but in our PE Exam Reviews, we have worked to select the most direct and teachable solution approach for a class of problems, using an approach for each class of problems that is consistent and repeatable – “The Dr. Tom Method.” The feedback we have received from past participants is that this approach really does pay off for them on the exam. – Dr. Tom

“Dr. Tom was able to clearly and succinctly teach the material, and this was especially important to me, being 10+ years out of college and re-familiarizing myself with the concepts. The level of difficulty in the review course problems were just right, with the right focus on the high-value, high-probability topics. Further, I found his explanations to the companion NCEES practice exam problems to be invaluable in deciphering the provided solutions. I implemented Dr. Tom’s three-pass method, as well as his DTC approach on exam day, and I passed! Thank you Dr. Tom and the team!”
– Stephen, New York, New York

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