Top Ten Reasons DTC Is the BEST – #2: The Dr. Tom Method

Dr. Tom Method of successfully preparing for and taking the PE Exam didn’t happen overnight. It was built on the foundation of Dr. Tom’s decades of experience teaching undergraduate mechanical engineering courses. It was born of Dr. Tom’s desire to use that experience to help more mechanical pass the PE Exam and benefit from the opportunities that having their professional license could bring them. It was developed through years of teaching live PE Exam prep classes and online courses.

Ten years ago Dr. Tom launched Dr. Tom’s Classroom and, with the help of his experienced distance learning team, he began offering the DTC courses and refining the Dr. Tom Method. Ten years later, there are now two Dr. Tom Methods – one for the pencil-and-paper exam format used in our Civili courses and one for the computer-based-testing format used in our Mechanical courses, each tailor-made to meet the distinct challenges of these very different exam formats.

For both exam formats, passing the PE exam requires more than just understanding the fundamentals. It requires a plan of attack. The Dr. Tom Method provides you with a solid foundation of engineering knowledge plus successful strategies and skills for passing this exam.

• Lessons are focused to bring you up to speed on fundamental topics quickly and then apply that knowledge to exam-type problems.
• Topics are taught in a logical instructional order to help you build your knowledge and improve your problem identification skills.
• There are many ways to solve any given problem, and careful thought has gone into providing solutions that apply across many problems, giving you less to learn and more efficient problem-solving during the exam.
• Vital review structure and focus is provided with weekly study plans, challenge problems and assessment quizzes.
• Critical exam-day strategies are outlined, and opportunities to practice them are provided.
• Because being able to ask questions when you get caught up on a problem is so important, access to instructors is provided throughout your review via a participant forum.

The Dr. Tom Method for the pencil-and-paper PE Exam provides you with a plan for creating your personalized resource notebooks to take into the exam with you, providing you with familiar references designed for quick access to the information you need to solve problems. You also receive Dr. Tom’s Exam Day Companion, a quick reference that puts equations at your finger tips.

The Dr. Tom Method for the CBT format Mechanical PE Exams provides you with a plan to make the most of the onscreen Reference Handbook, which will be the only reference you will have during the exam, and to be prepared for the gaps in what is provided in that reference. This exam format will require you to rely on your memory more than ever, so this method works to help cement everything you learn into memory.

The bottom line is that the Dr. Tom Method is focused on that one goal – helping you to pass the PE Exam. And that’s exactly what it does.

“The way Dr. Tom prepares students for the exam is absolutely priceless. The problems are presented in the clearest method possible (or explained how to make sense of unclear problems) and a single, definite path presented to solve all problems.

When the exam day arrived I was able to maintain the correct and necessary mindset thanks to all the coaching tips Dr. Tom had presented throughout the past 20 weeks. As I went through the exam I could solve the vast majority of the problems. Like Dr. Tom says, there will be problems on the exam you will not know how to solve. But, if the Dr. Tom Method is followed, these will not hang a student up.

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Tom’s PE preparation course. I completely attribute my exam I performance to Dr. Tom (and dedicating the appropriate amount of time to the course). Taking the exam is not only about solving problems, but it’s about how to solve problems and about keeping to a strategy. Dr. Tom teaches all aspects of taking the PE exam to the highest level possible. Thank you, Dr. Tom!”
– Karl Peter Gubert, P.E., Peaker Services, Inc. – Woodward Industrial Channel Partner, Brighton, Michigan


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