Top Ten Reasons DTC Is the BEST – #3: We Know the PE Exam

You’re not going to find anyone out there who knows the Mechanical and Civil PE Exams better than us. Dr. Tom has been preparing mechanical engineers to take the PE Exam for decades, and before that he taught every sophomore and junior year mechanical engineering course many, many times: statics, dynamics, solids, fluids, thermal I and II, heat transfer. But passing the PE exam requires more than just understanding the fundamentals. It requires a plan of attack.

Dr. Tom’s courses are built to provide you with a solid foundation of engineering knowledge plus successful strategies and skills for passing this exam. He knows how exam problems are devised and designed to trip you up and shares his insights with you in his courses. He’s also worked with our Civil instructors to help them do the same.

The highly effective Dr. Tom Method he developed to prepare you for the pencil-and-paper PE Exam is tailor-made to meet the distinct challenges of that exam format. And Dr. Tom has developed a whole new Method for the CBT format Mechanical PE Exams, which present a whole new set of challenges.

While many of our participants tell us that what they learn in our courses helps them in their jobs, that’s not our focus. It’s not about your job. It’s about you passing the PE Exam, and everything we do is focused on that one goal.
“From my personal experience, the PE exam is not a measure of your academic or professional intuitiveness. It’s simply a test where a bunch of engineers decide to sit and make up tests based solely on their own experiences. So there’s no distinct way to prep or study for it. I thank Dr. Tom a lot because somehow he’s been able to decode this myth. My advice is to pay very close attention to every word of his – regardless of what you’ve been taught in college or at work. The goal isn’t to learn how to solve problems or help you with your profession. The goal is to pass the PE test. Unless you have limitless resources (funds and time), Dr. Tom will show you those “low hanging fruits” and those “practices he has minimum regards for.” You don’t have to waste your time with all these other Internet tutors claiming to help you pass in 30 days. They’re a waste of time and money. In Dr. Tom’s classroom, you will definitely pass the PE. I can testify to this.”
– Eche, PE, Richmond, VA

My experience with Dr. Tom’s practical focus on application of engineering principles in an undergraduate course at NC State University allowed me to make an easy choice in Mechanical Engineering PE exam preparation courses. His no-nonsense approach coupled with a wide-ranging experience and clear explanations validated my pick and was undoubtedly a key factor leading to my passing score on the Thermal/Fluids exam. With better than competitive prices, effective teaching ability, and proven results, Dr. Tom’s Classroom is undeniably the best value in Mechanical Engineering PE exam preparation, thanks Dr. Tom!” – Andrew Lipetzky, PE, Duke Energy, New Hill, NC


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