If it wasn’t for Dr Tom’s encouraging and clarifying teaching style, I doubt I’d ever have the courage take on the Thermal and Fluids Systems PE exam. In fact, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer were the areas in which I was struggling the most in college, some twenty years ago. Dr Tom’s course made these ‘difficult’ subjects seem much easier to understand and no longer intimidating. Dr Tom nicely clarifies some of the ‘confusing fluff’ you may encounter throughout most review materials, and he points you directly to the essential basics you need to grasp for passing the PE exam. 

While Dr. Tom does a sterling job in helping you refresh and understand the course material, you will still have to put in your honest time and complete all the assigned work! But if you follow the course seriously and give all you got in order to apply the Dr. Tom Method throughout your review, and especially on the exam day, then you should pass the PE exam. Thank you, Dr. Tom, and DTC team for helping me achieve this huge accomplishment. I’ll continue to recommend the DTC classroom to colleagues and friends.”
– Ovidiu Zorca, P.E. 

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