Charge While You Shop – Solar Parking Lots

Internal combustion vehicles run out of gas, electric powered vehicles run out of electrons. However, IC vehicles usually do not have a problem finding a gas station, whereas EV’s have a big problem finding charging stations. An idea posed in a recent ASME article is to construct solar panel roofs over parking lots, in particular parking […]

FEATURED TESTIMONIAL – “Dr. Tom Does a Sterling Job”

“If it wasn’t for Dr Tom’s encouraging and clarifying teaching style, I doubt I’d ever have the courage take on the Thermal and Fluids Systems PE exam. In fact, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer were the areas in which I was struggling the most in college, some twenty years ago. Dr Tom’s course made these ‘difficult’ subjects seem […]

Top Ten Reasons DTC Is the BEST – #1: Dr. Tom

And now, folks, the number one reason why DTC is the best – we have Dr. Tom. There is no one out there with more passion for, commitment to and experience with helping mechanical and civil engineers pass the PE Exam than Dr. Tom. Dr. Tom has been involved in PE Exam reviews for decades, […]