Top Ten Reasons DTC Is the BEST – #1: Dr. Tom

And now, folks, the number one reason why DTC is the best – we have Dr. Tom. There is no one out there with more passion for, commitment to and experience with helping mechanical and civil engineers pass the PE Exam than Dr. Tom.

Dr. Tom has been involved in PE Exam reviews for decades, virtually full time. He has made it his life work and his mission. Why? Because he understands how important it is to get your professional license, appreciates what a difference it can make in someone’s life, and knows that he has a method that can help people achieve that goal.

From his younger days in the Navy, discovering that he had a knack for teaching, through his career in industrial engineering, to teaching undergraduate courses at North Carolina State University, Dr. Tom grew into a master teacher who could make complex concepts understandable and relatable to real world applications.

“I just love teaching. I love to see the light bulb go on when someone finally understands a problem. That’s what I have always enjoyed. The more I’ve worked with mechanical engineers, the more I want to help them to get their PE. That’s why I started Dr. Tom’s Classroom. I had a vision for how I could do that for more people via an online classroom. With the help of my DTC team over the last ten years, I developed the tried and true structure and methods that we offer online today.

Getting my PE was the key that made Dr. Tom’s Classroom possible and gave me my opportunity to achieve the extraordinary. Every day I get to help others do the same by helping them get their PE with our Mechanical and Civil PE Exam reviews. Then I see how it improves their lives – allowing them to start their own business, get their dream job, or develop something brand new to improve our world. When they pass the exam, we celebrate with them in “achieving the extraordinary” because they have and they will.” – Dr. Tom

All of us a Dr. Tom’s Classroom feel fortunate to be part of a company that prioritizes the success of our customers every day. Dr. Tom’s passion is contagious, and we all work hard to follow his example and make our courses the best. We work to achieve the extraordinary so that you can too.

“I have a unique insight to Dr. Tom’s philosophy on exam preparation. I attended NC State University about 20 years ago where Dr. Tom was my instructor in an instrumental review class intended to get one ready for the FE exam. He was able to sum up four years of education in a succinct way that most people cannot. He got me ready to pass the FE on the first try.

Jump forward a couple of decades and I had let life get in the way of sitting for the PE exam. Being out of school that long, I certainly was not prepared to jump into a rigorous 8-hour exam that would encompass my career and many items I had left behind as a distant memory years ago.

Discovering that Dr. Tom had taken his class to the land of cables and keyboards, I was very relieved. I knew that if anyone could get me ready again, it would be Dr. Tom. Starting the class, I immediately knew it was the same old Dr. Tom. No non-sense, make the plan, work the plan kind of guy. He is the kind of guy that knows what a slug is, and knows when you should use it. If you want a plan that will put you on the track to first time success, Dr. Tom is your man.” – William Lowery II, PE, UNC Cogeneration Systems, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


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