FEATURED TESTIMONIAL – Have Courage, You Can Pass the PE!

“I was in near disbelief to read “Exam Result: Pass.”  Six months of study and it PAID OFF!  It had been 12 years since the last time I was in a college classroom and 8 of those years were not doing engineering work. (5 years in seminary and 3 years running a small engine repair shop.) I didn’t even remember what enthalpy or entropy was. I went through the MERM but very little made sense to me. The equations didn’t make sense and rarely was there an explanation about how the equation worked or even what the units were. 

Nearly everything in the Dr. Tom course was new to me because I had forgotten so much. If this sounds like you, then have courage, you can pass the PE too! I followed the course, watched the lectures, worked the problems, did the quizzes, submitted questions on the online forums and then I passed the test. Some others say they followed the course to a ‘T’…I wish I could say that, but there were many nights that I was worn out and it took everything I could muster just to stay awake to watch a lecture or do a problem, but I was persistent and kept after it week after week. 

Why choose Dr. Tom over the other courses available? 
1. He is clear and easy to understand. My colleagues who took other PE review courses complained that they couldn’t understand their professors. 
2. Concise study plan.You will not read and understand the whole MERM and nor do you need to. The goal is to pass the test, not re-learn all of your college courses 
3. Cost. Compare it to other courses out there like I did. I think you will be glad you saved several hundred dollars and got a better review course.”

– Evan Tinker, PE, Argus Consulting Inc., Overland Park, KS

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