“It has long been a personal goal (as well as a professional goal) to get the satisfaction of fulfilling the requirements to be recognized as a licensed professional engineer. Kansas State University did a very good job of emphasizing the importance of licensure during the curriculum as many of my former classmates and current colleagues boast having a stamp with their name on it. I completed the FE exam while still an undergraduate, however, over eight years passed until I was able to realign my focus on my original goal to take the PE exam and pass. 

While I’ve had what I consider a successful career thus far, the PE Exam was always something to continue to strive for. Though it must start with the drive and desire to make yourself better through learning and practice. Being eight years removed from the theoretical classes of school, my biggest concern was the multitude of topics that one would have to consider and master, especially with the breadth of information that is encompassed within the Thermal and Fluid Systems PE Exam.

I had originally considered structuring a plan for myself, however, I am forever grateful to Dr. Tom’s Classroom for taking that variable out of the equation for me. The structured plan, guidance, and strategy provided by the course allowed me to focus solely on the details and practice problems, in lieu of losing myself in a whirlwind of topics. 

The exam experience I had was more difficult than expected, but I think the focus on the problem solving approach of the Dr. Tom method allowed me to ensure I scored the number of points needed. 

What a huge relief it is to have accomplished this goal. I feel very proud to be a licensed engineer, and I am sincerely grateful to the instructors that are a part of Dr. Tom’s Classroom. Thank you!”
– Aaron Peterson, Waterfront Propulsion Systems, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Dover, NH

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