PE EXAM TIP – Choose the Right Exam

Whether you’re a Civil Engineer or a Mechanical Engineer, choosing the right exam to take can make all the difference. And not all exams are created equal! Some have a wider range of topics, problems types and references that make them more difficult to prepare for and pass. Others require familiarity with fewer references and have topics the are more closely related to each other, narrowing the range of problem types, which makes them easier to prepare for and pass. Your work experience is also a vital factor in the decision, but sometimes not the deciding one.

Before you decide, I invite you to take a look at my FREE Exam Strategy Videos for the Civil PE Exam and the new Mechanical CBT PE Exam. In them I outline the factors you should consider when making your exam choice. Let’s get you off on the right foot and on your way to being a PE! – Dr. Tom

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